8 Years old and Ready To Make an Even Bigger Difference….


Mikeala writing her 1st blog postThis is my daughter and VP Mikaela and boy does she have a voice! She not only sings like an angel but she has powerful thoughts observations and opinions. She is 8 now and here she is working on her first blog post. This one will be about what its like to live with food allergies how we handled it initially and why it can be a blessing in disguise . (Stay tuned. Well post it a soon as she finishes the edits n her sloppy copy). Im so very proud of her.

Every day I marvel at how much she has to share with the world and how much better a place it is just for having her in it. Since she was old enough to say she has always proclaimed with such great pride I am here to make a difference Mama. So many of the adults I know have no idea what their purpose is and somehow she has known right from the beginning. Makes me wonder how many of our children might already have a built in sense of purpose right from the start before life and parents get in the way and it becomes buried.

So many of us dont take the voices of our children seriously enough or realize what they are really capable of. Sometimes their voices seem so small but if we only listen we will hear how very much they have to teach us all. We hope that we can change a little of that. In Mikaelas posts she will share thoughts for children as well as parents to giggle enlighten educate inspire an so much more.

We sincerely want you to find wit and wisdom through our entire blog to help you live a happier healthier life. Large or small our mission is to make a difference~one woman one parent one child at a time. Dont forget to sign up for our updates and Mikaelas first post! :)

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