9 Ways to Spend Time With Your Kids-OK 10


A new toy/game or some supplies to stay home and do a craft or activity together? Hands down supplies! I know I know your kids want want want. Its hard for them not to with all the marketing companies do directly to our children. Whether its on TV the cereal box store shelves in the electronic games in print on air…we just cant keep them away from it. Its a $17 Billion industry!

And with the schedules of so May parents these days it is truly easier to give them what they want. Theyre happy (momentarily) you feel good seeing them happy (and less guilty about not having as much time for them as youd like). Only problem is…even if they dont know it what they really want and NEED is your time. Our kids (ALL KIDS) need to spend time with us!  (Before they are at risk)…And time where we are truly focused on what we are doing and on them-not on our cell phone or cooking dinner etc. And yes I know how hard this can be especially if you work like me or you have multiple kids as I once did-(3 step-sons and 1 foster-son).

Often many of those behaviors you May be seeing are really signals that your child needs more quality time. You May be getting some lip a little more or out of the blue their behaviors May be less than acceptable or they May wet the bed or show aggression simply to get attention even if its negative. Soooo how do you find ways to connect with them when you May not have time and how should you work in all this time? Read on for some ideas and to see photos from our latest chunk of Mommy and Me time


Some stolen moments of soggy fun in the rain at our local farmers market.

9 Ways to Spend Time With Your Kids and Connect:


1. Have Taco Night-Its hand on and interactive. Let the kids make a mess and giggle. See who can crunch the loudest.

2. Where your pajamas for something other than sleeping! Take a walk in them together. Our favorite is to have pajama day at the movies. We literally head to the movies in our PJs with a blanket and Mikaelas allergy-friendly snacks.

3. Write love notes. Doodle funny faces. Lets face it. You cant always be with them and when you cant its a great way to stay connected. On the occasions that I know I will be home after Mikaela is already asleep or when I travel or in her preschool lunch (shes homeschooled now) I have left little love notes with silly doodles or favorites song verses or quotes or sometimes just something silly like I will always love you…even if you pick your nose and blow bubbles all day long. BTW-she doesnt and it makes her giggle every time :)

4. Let them help with a chore or fixing something. Yes it May be messier and it might take a little longer but you will be spending the best kind of time together and teaching them about teamwork responsibility and hands on skills at the same time.

5. Plan or decide today to take a Stay-cation with your child. Take the day off( or a few hours of uninterrupted time). Maybe even let them take the day off from school too and teach them that its perfectly acceptable and good to prioritize the ones that you love.

6. Lay a blanket out and hang out with each other. Bring a board game art or coloring and stay long enough to see the changing colors as the sun goes down.

7. Let your child know your are going to make a cake together and them walk them through doing the whole thing themselves (no matter how much you want to jump in!) See our sunflower cake post.  Or how about breakfast for dinner and they get to be the chef?

8. Take turns reading. We read to them when they are little then we take turns and as they become better readers and we encourage them to read read read but dont often read to them or even sit with them while they read as they get older.. We still like to take turns and sometimes especially when we need a relaxing morning or such we will just sit together and read each of our own things stopping every so often to find out about what we are each reading.

9. Paint! Anything any color no matter what your skill. Wear the paint make a mess clean it up…all the while together.

OK 10…

10. SCHEDULE IT IN! Place as much importance on this scheduled event as you would a job interview your dentist appointment etc. Its the most important appointment you will have all week!


I know there are million more ways to spend time together and we would LOVE to hear what you do so please comment below and if you think any of this was of value SHARE SHARE SHARE! Thanks~!


Our latest time together was painting today. I pulled out my mothers old brushes and we placed her photos on the table with us for inspiration and so she could watch (she was an artist). I taught Mikaela how to properly use a brush and care for it. She was so honored and grateful for the privilege of using mine and especially Mom moms brushed.

Since I chose to do a horse splashing in the ocean (my first time ever doing waves and 20 yrs. since Id done a horse) she was inspired to do a beach scene too and turned it into a remembrance of her summer beach trip with our great friends the Roques. We had such a good time and she thanked me multiple times for doing this together I was fascinated to see what and how she painted her scene from memory.

We laughed we painted in silence and we talked. She even made comments about how great her last birthday was even though she hardly got any gifts! (I have steadily decreased gifts and increased activities and time together the last several years. None of us need soooo much stuff!)  and all the things we did together was what made it so much fun. Somehow painting today made her put 2 and 2 together. Now thats what I call some quality time and everything I should have been doing will be there tomorrow.


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