Gluten/Allergy Free Make-Ahead Oatmeal Breakfast

  Yes‚ coming up with creatives ideas for meals can be a challenge when there are food allergies or restrictions such as being Vegan but here is a favorite breakfast … Continue Reading →


Children Learn What They Live

I just love this poem. It’s a great reminder to keep ourselves in check. Life isn’t always easy and sometimes we all react or behave in ways we wish we … Continue Reading →

Rain or shine it's "together time"

9 Ways to Spend Time With Your Kids-OK 10

A new toy/game or some supplies to stay home and do a craft or activity together? Hands down‚ supplies! I know‚ I know‚ your kids want‚ want‚ want. It’s hard … Continue Reading →



Yes‚ I bought a book on how to blog. Actually‚ it’s my second in addition to hours of Internet research. (Yes‚ this is really a labor of love at this … Continue Reading →


Mikaela Cooks…Gluten/Allergy Friendly Breakfast #1

LOVE LOVE LOVE MY GIRL! So she is getting more and more independent now. Of course I both love and hate seeing her grow up but I am so proud … Continue Reading →


Traffic is Fun and Your Power to Choose

Traffic is fun! What? Yes‚ I said traffic is fun…well maybe not really but yesterday I found myself‚ in some VERY heavy traffic with 3 young children in my car … Continue Reading →


Zucchini and Curry Allergy Free Omelet Recipe-Even Egg Free!

This is an amazing recipe and before I even begin‚ I have to thank my dear Vegan friend Cristina for sharing some tricks and her unbelievable Kala Namak Salt. You … Continue Reading →


Allergy Free Recipe for Chocolate Sunflower Cake

   8 y.o. Mikaela baked her fist cake…an allergy free‚ all Vegan chocolate sunflower cake and it was out of this world!         I should have taken a video … Continue Reading →


Food allergies a blessing in disguise?

HELLO! This is my first blog post! It took a while since my mom was still figuring out how to set up our blog but I’m so excited and hope … Continue Reading →


7 Tips to Help Moms Feel Less Guilty

Well‚ I am was trying not to post too much on here yet or promote this blog since I am in a bit larger learning curve than I would like … Continue Reading →