Yes I bought a book on how to blog. Actually its my second in addition to hours of Internet research. (Yes this is really a labor of love at this point!)

Considering I didnt know how to use a computer until I was about 3 Id say Im doing ok though it sure doesnt feel like it every time I try to edit something lol. Thought Id share this one with all my blogging followers and wannabes. I read about this book in Where Women Create Magazine last month. Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho has been a pleasure to read and easy to understand. Maybe I should startĀ  column on blogging 101 for DUmmies as I learn each thing….hmmmm…well here is the video I used to set this up initially to get you started!

Now I need to find something like that on WordPress. Suggestions are welcome!

We have so many inspiring things in store just as soon as we figure out how! LOLĀ  Be sure to stay tuned and thank you for subscribing all your wonderful support!

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