Children Learn What They Live

I just love this poem. It’s a great reminder to keep ourselves in check. Life isn’t always easy and sometimes we all react or behave in ways we wish we … Continue Reading →

Rain or shine it's "together time"

9 Ways to Spend Time With Your Kids-OK 10

A new toy/game or some supplies to stay home and do a craft or activity together? Hands down‚ supplies! I know‚ I know‚ your kids want‚ want‚ want. It’s hard … Continue Reading →



Yes‚ I bought a book on how to blog. Actually‚ it’s my second in addition to hours of Internet research. (Yes‚ this is really a labor of love at this … Continue Reading →


Traffic is Fun and Your Power to Choose

Traffic is fun! What? Yes‚ I said traffic is fun…well maybe not really but yesterday I found myself‚ in some VERY heavy traffic with 3 young children in my car … Continue Reading →


7 Tips to Help Moms Feel Less Guilty

Well‚ I am was trying not to post too much on here yet or promote this blog since I am in a bit larger learning curve than I would like … Continue Reading →

Mikeala writing her 1st blog post

8 Years old and Ready To Make an Even Bigger Difference….

This is my daughter and VP Mikaela and boy‚ does she have a voice! She not only sings like an angel but she has powerful thoughts‚ observations and opinions. She … Continue Reading →

bruno car

A day in the life of The Davis Chicks and this SuperWoman…

Wake at 6am still in all my clothes with the laptop on my lap in my arm chair…crawl up the steps and try to catch a few more winks. Mikaela … Continue Reading →

Hello world!

So here we are! Embarking on a new venture…mother and daughter‚ together. It’s just about my wildest dreams come true. Mikaela‚ now 8 is as excited to create this site … Continue Reading →