Food allergies a blessing in disguise?


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Living with food allergies can make you feel different from everyone else but you should know you are not alone. There are millions of us! I have been living with food allergies since I was 5 and I will be nine next month. Im allergic to gluten dairy casein nuts eggs soy and melon.

Sometimes it can be embarrassing when Im with my friends who can eat anything but mostly they understand and are supportive. My mom always seems to find or make foods I can eat that are almost the same and she loves to educate everyone. ALL THE TIME about lots of things! Plenty of times I dont like it when she talks about my allergies. Being different this way isnt always so much fun but it is kinda cool how smart I am and how much y friends know because shes like that.

 My mom was already big on nutrition wouldnt let me have anything with chemicals in it and cooked home-made but everything really did change. When we first found out about my allergies my mom made it fun. We went to the giant Whole Foods and wore detective hats and used magnifying glasses to find ingredients I could have instead of looking for what I couldnt have. We had so much fun we were there 5 1/2 hours! It was like a big treasure hunt. I could teach a label reading class now!  Shes the best mom ever!

Lots of the things we tried tasted like cardboard and yuk! But lots of foods where really yummy. I do still miss things like pizza Belgium waffles and eggs(my favorite food) but I am so much better when I stay away from the foods my body doesnt like. Before we knew about my food allergies I had black circles and bags under my eyes my skin seemed washed out  I caught all the sicknesses from my friends and was covered on 70% of my body with horrible eczema. My skin used to bleed and I cried all night from the pain. Since I dont eat those foods I look and feel so much better and I almost never get sick . If I do its over in a day.

Some times I want to sneak something but I honestly never do. My grammy thought she would test me and see if I wasnt allergic anymore without asking my mom and it all started to come back. My mom was not happy! That showed me for sure how I eat equals how I feel. Thats why I actually think my food allergies might be a blessing in disguise. I feel great!

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