Gluten/Allergy Free Make-Ahead Oatmeal Breakfast




Yes coming up with creatives ideas for meals can be a challenge when there are food allergies or restrictions such as being Vegan but here is a favorite breakfast of oursespecially for this time of year. And we all know the importance of a nutritional breakfast to start our day but dont always have time so we hope you enjoy!


A few tips:

  • Stir the chia well as you sprinkle it in or it will clump.
  • You May need a little extra water above the normal ratio for oatmeal since it gels.I start with 2:1 water to oatmeal and add as needed.
  • If you add the apples too soon they get mushy so I put them in towards the end.
  • Add just enough maple syrup while cooking or at the end to taste.
  • Top with sunflower seeds or nuts of choice


wpid-wp-1412709048882.jpegSwitch the apples for peaches add raisins walnuts cinnamon or stevia liquid drops for more variety depending on your tastes and allergies. This is such a nutritious way to start your day and will give everyone in the family plenty of energy for the day. . Check out chia seeds  at the link below and the benefits of sunflower seeds here or the benefits of oatmeal here






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