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So here we are! Embarking on a new venture…mother and daughter together. Its just about my wildest dreams come true. Mikaela now 8 is as excited to create this site as I am. We have even started writing a book together (ALL her concept I might add!) Its a rare adult who knows themselves well enough to know what their purpose in life is yet since Mikaela has been old enough to tell me has somehow known it is to make a difference in the world. Whether that comes from my need to do the same or some grander plan set forth for her long before we knew I couldnt be more proud!

So in these early development stages I turn to those of you who see this and know us for your ideas and input. This photo shows our first pen to paper planning meeting. lol Now what content would you love to see either of us include on our knew site? What ventures can you picture us doing? Is there something you think either one of us is good at that you think we should share? We really want to know! We cant wait to hear!

It all starts somewhere...

It all starts somewhere…

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