A day in the life of The Davis Chicks and this SuperWoman…


Wake at 6am still in all my clothes with the laptop on my lap in my arm chair…crawl up the steps and try to catch a few more winks. Mikaela wakes me shortly thereafter let the new pup out for a quick pee vitamin drinks for both of us dressed breakfast-dog cat and us COFFEE long walk for pup( I better be burning a few more calories!) pack allergy friendly foods school books laptops phones etc. (attempt not to forget the cords) and now our pup Brunos dog bed and his own bag(bone ball bowl training treats and food) Its going to be a long day so Bruno is coming to work too!bruno car

Hmmm…squeeze a shower in or throw my hair in a ponytail and fly? Ok shower it is. Now I feel better smell fresh and feel like a new woman but OMG! Im going to be late….load the car as if we are moving hurry everyone into the car pulling out of my parking spot as I apply foundation. Makeup at every traffic light. Pull in to my parking spot at the office as my lip gloss goes on and Voila! Now to unload… Mikaela Bruno purse laptops food……………………..

Meet with clients listen to woes converse all day and take fabulous care of everyone else take Bruno out and check on Mikaelas school work each spare opportunity handle running of the business details meet last minute month-end deadlines for online company eat lunch and dinner in 3 minutes standing prepare Mikaelas food days end paper work pack everything up load the car again…………………………

Quick stop home drop off Bruno and back out to take Mikaela to the yearly locale carnival I promised. I hate to break a promise. Get there a little after 8pm find her friend ride and play an hour before fireworks begin. back home by 10:30 get Mikaela in and take Bruno for another long walk(need to burn the 1/2 of a funnel cake I splurged on) while Mikaela gets ready for bed. Tuck Mikaela in way too late but it was a great night! Now to head back out to the car and unload everything all over again so I can repack for tomorrow……………………………….uhg.

Settle(actually collapse) in my arm chair after some snuggling with Bruno and repeatedly telling him there is no room for him on my lap LOL . Time to return some emails make a few Facebook posts and woohoo this blog post!

Hmmm…1:45am work on my online course the overdue email blast or sleep? I think tonight I choose sleep. Night Night :)

OK…so now it is 11am the next day-YES I fell asleep in the chair before I could post or make it to the bed an yes I think I need to cut back a little more lol WHO CAN RELATE?


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