Traffic is Fun and Your Power to Choose


Traffic is fun! What?

Yes I said traffic is fun…well maybe not really but yesterday I found myself in some VERY heavy traffic with 3 young children in my car and I had 2 choices…make it fun and survive without complaints frustration and a massive headache or be irritable and wind up with 3 irritable kids and knots in my neck and back even the most gifted massage therapist couldn’t remove.                                   I chose to make it fun.wpid-2014-08-07-17.25.40.jpg.jpeg

How did I make traffic fun? Oh it was a sight! Complete and total giggling embarrassment of my daughter as I made funny faces sang with crazy voices to the music danced in my seat and added a few break pumps to the beats! LOL Of course all safe but incredibly goofy and effective at preventing irritability!

Sooo my point to all of this?

Every Day in Every Situation WE HAVE A CHOICE! I have to say it again Every Day in Every Situation WE HAVE A CHOICE!

How we choose to react is really all we have at any given time. While I will always be the first to say that we have far more control over our lives the situations we find ourselves in and exactly where we find ourselves here now and in the future I have to admit there are those moments when you find yourself in a situation that is beyond your control. Regardless of how you got yourself there once you are all you have control over is how you CHOOSE to react. Again I have to stress…YOU ALWAYS HAVE CONTROL OVER HOW YOU CHOOSE TO ACT or REACT! And these will be defining moments in being the best person you can be.

Whether you are stuck in traffic looking for a parking spot at the mall (Yes this was cause for the veins in my ex’s head to pop out and curse words to be heard for miles-another reason he is my ex :D) your flight is canceled you’ve been given your walking or divorce papers or in any other frustrating situation the one thing YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER is HOW YOU CHOOSE TO REACT. You can Stress Less!

Ok I hear you moaning and saying “Oh come on! When things like that happen of course I’m going to react.!” And yes you’re right but HOW will always be up to you!

So heres a few tips on increasing your odds of keeping your cool looking for the bright spot staying true to the person you want to be and setting the best example…

Take a breath! Or maybe ten. It’s like a pause button we all have built in but forget to use! Deep slow breathing lowers blood pressure helps your thinking stay clear and increases your problem solving ability and simply gives you time to DECIDE HOW you want to react.
• If it’s something that is simply too big to deal with at your present moment (like divorce papers served at work) put it on a back burner. Do NOT give it the power to ruin your moment hour or day. Yes you May fester internally but if you CHOOSE it can give you time to digest the situation before diving in and you can DECIDE where and when you want to deal with it.
Walk away. Sometimes this is the only choice you have. If you have someone making you crazy (kids spouse relative…) Let them know that you don’t want to say something you will regret and you want to handle the situation the best way possible and you will return to address it as soon as you DECIDE how you want to. What a great example you will be setting!
Humor humor humor. Irony irony irony. Find it! Don’t be afraid to be silly. Remember when you where a child and you could live in the moment and being silly felt GOOD? It still will. :D
Find the lesson. Every situation and though irritating the most challenging situations are often the greatest opportunities for the greatest lessons.
Ask yourself if you are behaving in a manner that matches the person your strive to be. If you don’t know the answer to this find out. Get a clear picture of who you are and who your best self is. Read a self-help book start journaling get a coach…
Then BREATH some more…

“If we could change ourselves the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” Ghandi

More commonly translated…”Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

And my translation…BE THE CHANGE. CHOOSE. DECIDE. Steer the course of your life. Steer the course of the situation at hand. Act instead of react. This is personal power.” Fredricka Davis


For additional tips on how to be your best self and Stress Less


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