Zucchini and Curry Allergy Free Omelet Recipe-Even Egg Free!


This is an amazing recipe and before I even begin I have to thank my dear Vegan friend Cristina for sharing some tricks and her unbelievable Kala Namak Salt. You just wont believe how this makes things taste like eggs! Of course its not an exact consistency of eggs but this is a pretty fabulous way to enjoy an omelet for those who miss the taste of egg. Of course you can totally experiment with different veggies and spices too. We would love to know how you customize this! We might even post it!

*The measurments we give are appoximate so feel free to experient with the amounts until you obtain the consistency and taste you love.

Egg-Free Zucchini and Curry Omelet

1/2c. sliced and halved zucchini

1t. curry

coconut oil to saute with (grapeseed our 2nd choice)

YUM YUM! Zucchini, curry omelet

YUM YUM! Zucchini curry omelet

The Secret Ingredient

The Secret Ingredient

3/4c. chickpea flour

1/2c. flax milk(or coconut almond etc.)

1t. kala namak salt

  1. Mix your chick pea flour with the salt well before adding the milk. Taste a bit on your finger before adding the milk. It should be salty and eggy tasting.
  2. Whisk the milk in and check the consistency. If its too thick just add some more milk and too thin add more flour.
  3. Melt your coconut oil(about 1T. in the pan and sprinkle the curry in. Mix it around and then lay your zucchini pieces in the pan to saute. When they are close to perfection(dont forget to turn them once) They will be lightly golden in color from the spice and tender you are ready to pour your chick pea mixture in.
  4. Cooking on medium/med high add flour mixture and cover to help it form before you try to flip. It it is too thin it will brake. When the flour has cooked through slide it onto your plate and flood it in half and voila!
  5. Enjoy alone or with some fresh fruit.


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